Human Resources

Multi-talented teams that foster innovation emerge when individual talents are boosted.

Flexibility, which is the hallmark of Monteiro Packaging, arises from a cohesive team focused on developing dynamic solutions and growing alongside our clients, year after year. Respect, professional trust, competence, autonomy and recognition generate dedication and initiative in the performance of duties. Each new request is a challenge to be met and mastered because our clients deserve the best!

In 2000, our team consisted of 88 employees. At the end of 2020 we were more than 400! We are a growing group that is now well-established in the European market, but we continue to cultivate a culture of proximity – it’s in our DNA at Monteiro Packaging!

A policy of working together with educational institutes opens up professional pathways after completion of studies, and it’s common for trainees at Monteiro Packaging to be taken on as permanent members of staff.
Training and professional development are a strong feature at Monteiro Packaging. The company fosters a culture of continuous learning so that each employee is able to grow within the organisation.