The right solution for each product’s requirements

The Monteiro Packaging R&D department is constantly developing advanced and up-to-date solutions that are appropriate to the needs of each product. The protection and preservation of the product, the environmental impact of the packaging and its performance are of primary importance in the development process.
Over the years, Monteiro Packaging has created and built partnerships with strategic suppliers who are key to the projects developed by the R&D department.
Monteiro Packaging’s labs are equipped with the best support technology for the R&D department, allowing the company to carry out its own internal checks on all the products developed.

Lab equipped to carry out extremely thorough testing

The characteristics of each package are extensively tested by state-of-the-art equipment, ensuring consistency and conformity with both internal and client-imposed requirements. All tests are carried out in strict compliance with current international standards. 

Oxygen and water vapour permeability tests

Tensile tests, perforation, coefficient of friction, seal strength, peel and tear resistance tests

FTIR infrared spectroscopy

Heat Sealer and Hot-Tack testing to assess the sealing parameters

Optical microscope and microtome for the analysis of multi-layer structures