About Us

Monteiro Packaging produces both flexible and cardboard packaging and has a huge depth of experience in the food industry – the most demanding of all sectors.
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With over 50 years’ experience in the development of packaging solutions, the company has two production units, employing over 400 people. Renowned in the industry for being extremely reliable and offering good value for money, Monteiro Packaging has a solid presence in Europe, particularly in Germany, France, the Netherlands, Portugal and the United Kingdom.

We are a family-owned company with deep-rooted past and present values which translate into a commitment to our stakeholders. This has resulted in strong, long-term partnerships and relationships based on loyalty, trust and agility which we are privileged to have.

We have a passion for developing the solutions our clients need and expect to see them grow alongside us, always supporting them technically and improving our work together.


To be internationally recognised in the packaging market as a reliable, creative and flexible company, aware of its clients, market, employees, shareholders, suppliers and community.


To supply a safe and high-quality product at a fair price within the best delivery time.
To improve and consolidate our business, respecting and helping our clients, employees, shareholders and the environment.

Facing the future, with the solid base of a centenary group

Monteiro Packaging is part of a family-owned business, with origins dating back to 1917.
With a non-conformist spirit and inner strength, Monteiro Packaging constantly attempts to surpass itself and achieve more, year after year.


Founding of a leather tanning industry and trade society, based in the current premises.


The Monteiro Ribas company diversified its activities to include the manufacture of plastic film for flexible packaging.


The Monteiro Ribas plastics unit obtained the ISO 9001 certification.


The plastics unit became legally independent of the Monteiro Ribas group, adopting the name
Monteiro Ribas – Embalagens Flexíveis, S.A.


Export sales exceeded sales to the Portuguese market.


Investment in state-of-the-art 10-colour rotogravure printing equipment, with a significant impact on quality and timings.


Growing specialisation in the area of the food packaging industry by obtaining ISO 22000 certification in Food Safety Management, followed by BRC Packaging certification in the following year.


Installation of a treatment system for all gaseous waste in accordance with environmental concerns and principles of the circular economy, allowing solvents to be recovered and reused.


Acquisition of Liderbox – Artes Gráficas, S.A. diversifying into the area of cardboard packaging.


Update of the company image creating the Monteiro Packaging brand, to include Monteiro Ribas – Embalagens Flexíveis, S.A. and Liderbox – Artes Gráficas, S.A.


Conclusion of a large-scale investment for the expansion and modernisation of equipment and premises
in both business areas.