Committed to the future, with a firm focus on best practices

At Monteiro Packaging we are aware that the responsibility we take on as an organisation relates to all areas that surround us. All areas involved in our activity play their part, and the future is made of the good decisions we make today.


We work together with national and international associations as well as the relevant bodies in this area to actively listen to the market’s requirements. These synergistic partnerships bring added value and allow for a concerted action towards everyday challenges. We enjoy a close working relationship with organisations such as APIP, SEDEX, ECOVADIS, APQ and APIGRAF, amongst others.


Mitigating the environmental impact of its activities is one of the areas on which Monteiro Packaging is focused. This is accomplished by a set of actions that support and strengthen best practices. To this end, we stress the investments made in cutting-edge machinery and in the reuse of power and heat sources, as well as the recovery of solvents and the installation of lines for the separation of raw materials for recycling.

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The certifications adopted at Monteiro Packaging confirm the standards of quality, protection and safety that we adhere to. They are one of the components of an entire system centred on the needs of the client.


We are deeply committed to keeping abreast of international standards and we are able to present solutions that meet ambitious goals for packaging sustainability. Together with the most innovative partner companies, we test new raw materials for their suitability for use in multiple sectors.


At Monteiro Packaging people are the heart of our business, and it is with their creativity and dedication that we can truly make a difference! Drawing on their daily motivation, the impossible comes to life. We encourage a non-conformist spirit and the continuous search for increasingly agile solutions.


With fully integrated production, all processes are being constantly improved to make resource management as efficient as possible all around. Each member of the Monteiro Packaging team works towards improving procedure efficiency.